Registration form - Hackathon "Digital twin of the city of Prešov"

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Basic information about the hackathon:

To develop an innovative concept of a city model, enabling the simulation of scenarios in energy, transportation, environment, security, urbanization, and waste management. This enables direct responses to emerging questions and the assumption of their real-world impact. Initially, it will be a concept proposal focused on one of the areas relevant to city operation and management. However, Prešov envisions the future existence of a comprehensive solution - a data and management platform.

Museum of Salt, Prešov

20. - 21. October 2023

The expected concept
proposed during the hackathon must:
  • Be based on a real urban environment
  • Take into account the current state of data availability
  • Allow for possible expansion and be scalable
  • Include an API to detect changes in the data

Challenge for hackers:
Develop a detailed and viable prototype for a digital twin of Prešov city, enhancing services and efficiency for residents and city administration in one of the specified areas.

Please, provide a more detailed description of whether you belong to the TECH group or if you're more of a business expert. This will help us determine which team you can contribute to or which expert to assign to you. We have mentors who are experts in 'Personal Data Management' both technically and conceptually. We need to know what type of connection you are interested in.